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OkCupid concerns & Answers elizabeth a working list of accounts which happen to be “sponsored” by t

OkCupid concerns & Answers elizabeth a working list of accounts which happen to be “sponsored” by t

You have to understand on clear thing: THIS SITE are A 2 IN 1 PRICE. Individuals are vetted based on:

1) their own as a whole elegance + 2) their ability to PULL MUCH MORE PEOPLE

I’ve discovered an UNDERGROUND OKC and want Artist dating site then have generated some friends where with my final accounts, however admin began inquiring myself peculiar questions relating to my experiences around that sounded a decent amount reduced like WEB SITE PATROLLING and a lot more like I BECAME LEARNED AS A NON INSIDER among that party.

You will find a working listing of profile being “paid” from the web site.

I was one of the very first to submit that okc was actually POSSESSED while MATCH.COM used as its personal socket site.


By many years finish even be on lookout for Ashley Madison is put to the fold.

the reason why ALL OF THIS: to cut drastically the asking price of the financial investment & preservation of all those lab created pages. while overlapping data bases and also ADMIN STAFF.

The running costs needs al least a 40per cent decrease meaning 40percent more income.

Only you know Toni, look-up Passionate author. I am going to write your back. EXACT EVERYONE DO THIS. You may possibly like visibility as well. I became among the first to use the social web site step.

Cannot spend some time or funds their generally spiders and artificial profiles.

Wedded guys seeking butt on the side. Frauds. Exactly what out. Three situations. 1.If you should not meet & greet publicly within 7 days. Fall them 2.If capable best E talk with you at a So & So energy. Keep an eye out. Partnered. 3. As long as they require $$. RUN & Fast..

I am a moderator for OKC. We have no clue the reason why they chosen me; frankly, In my opinion they pull you out of their caps.

Here are our instructions, word for word:

Guidelines Last up-to-date Aug 21

Standard Reports must be throughout the object involved. Visibility image states must on files, not users. (banner the image.) Empty or inactive profiles must certanly be kept by yourself unless they satisfy different problems for deletion. Customers don’t need to reveal their face (simply put, headless system were okay). [me personally: this is certainly a unique and more liberal guideline].

Points that become fine

okay In users Blank or partial profiles Inactive profiles Couples users

okay in emails Links to legit personal website

OK in pictures record photo could be pets, trucks, baby pictures, artwork, etc.

Factors to remove

Delete in profile photos perhaps not an image of the individual (example. Animals, cars, artwork, etc.) Total nudity (Ladies, no nips. Men, no dongs.) Severe close ups (for example. Tattoos, eyes, etc.) youth images

Remove In record images Comprehensive nudity and unpleasant articles

Remove in pages shows they’re under 18 Uncovers another user’s personal statistics are intimidating or aggressive Engages in hate speech Stolen photos (check and Google Image Look) promises English as a primary words but has got the sentence structure of a non-English speaker (Scammer Grammar)

Erase in emails and local broadcasts dangers or harassment Hate speech Crude, overt intimate remarks Commercial solicitations

Mods be seemingly fairly big. There is the main image (profile picture) and those you notice once you simply click photographs (record album pics). We come across everyone.

The ONLY pages we see are the ones for which a member possess flagged an image. Subsequently we look at the profile. You will find never recommended deletion for the reason that information; i will understand additional mods’ remarks and consider they actually do the same.

There are numerous suspicious issues we come across: if you have singular picture within profile, it can be possible it absolutely was taken. Really good-looking lady are suspicious (even if the pic is certainly not pro). We search GIS and TE. In terms of the profile picture without the user on it, but has the user for the album, i’m easy. We say “ntu – maybe not an individual” but recommend it is kept by yourself. Mods often vary on degrees of nudity permitted. Im conventional in this area.

Frankly, it’s very very easy to endorse fraudsters, I am not sure exactly why men and women whine. So what if they’re. Overlook all of them or document all of them. Any guy who asks myself, in the 1st or second content, to e-mail or content and that info we right away remove. Additionally discover some guy with a well-written visibility. We communicated for a long time, however informed your he could name. He could barely speak english and told me he was from Africa!. Their photo was seriously a white man (not too their unique aren’t white people in Africa) and did not appear on GIS. That is the only difficulties I have.

Incorporate GIS or TE on every profile you look at. If someone emails your, do the same.

I am on numerous internet, and also as i have stated before right here, fraudsters occur with little to no difference between proportions. Today Zoosk – crappy, and get to pay for or perhaps you can’t content, what exactly’s the point regarding the “free” site? And, IMO, the guys are sooooooo dull or boring; much more interesting on OKC. I taken care of match, ourtime, and biochemistry – quickly. We known as chemisty, reported and they paid back the amount of money I’d perhaps not made use of. These, like OKC, all are underneath the exact same umbrella.

BTW, I when began my personal visibility with “we $#*! ABOUT VERY FIRST DATE” and it also got tough from then on. It actually was demonstrably sarcasm. But I found myself perhaps not banned. Attempt to state $#*! on all other site! We kept that visibility up shortly. Ya see, there are many people that simply don’t discover sarcasm.

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