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The action within the Personal Dating – Changed survey (ECR-R; Fraley et al

The action within the Personal Dating – Changed survey (ECR-R; Fraley et al

The reason for this study should be to take a look at the the connection ranging from attachment in order to dogs, accessory to people, loneliness and you will social support, examining dog and cat owners as the utmost well-known pets possessed as the animals. The next hypotheses try recommended:

1. Group parameters like dog owner gender and kind off animals usually determine the potency of dogs-proprietor connection. Additionally, almost every other potential important group details, such lifestyle venue, pet guidance, period of possession was assessed.

dos.People which have high results with the size of prevention and you will/otherwise anxiety (in line with the ECR-R survey) are certainly more linked to their pets.


People was 365 dog owners (268 canine and you will 97 pet people), old ranging from 17 and you can 68 decades (M=twenty eight.4; SD=9.33). Among them 330 were female and you can thirty five male. From 128 participants who are people who own both variety, almost all (N=109) decided to respond to the questions regarding its dog, and simply 19 to your pet.


, 2000) try a beneficial thirty six-items self-statement adult connection size. ECR-R includes a couple of subscales: avoidance and you may stress. The mixture from efficiency towards one another dimensions means different styles of connection (Bartholomew Horowitz, 1991). Fraley mais aussi al. (2000) claimed coefficient alphas out of .94 towards stress subscale and you will .95 into the cures subscale based on a keen student try.

The brand new Multi-Dimensional Assistance Size (MDSS; Winefield et al., 1992) tips the newest accessibility and you will adequacy off societal support from certain supply (relatives, closest friends, and you may acquaintances). MDSS boasts psychological, simple and you may educational help. In the current look into the supply and you may adequacy away from personal help only of friends and you may nearest loved ones was indeed incorporated. A total of ten in order to forty circumstances might be scored on the brand new Availability Size, goods are rated toward a cuatro-point Likert Size (1-never ever, 4-always). The newest Adequacy Level selections off ten to 31 factors, where step one suggests increased interest in personal assistance, step 3 a reduced attract and dos mode anyone was found with the acquired societal service. In today’s data coefficients for interior feel varied between .83 (Adequacy Measure; Cronbach’s Alpha) and you will .87 (Access Size; Cronbach’s Leader).

The particular owner-dogs Relationships Scale (OPRS; Winefield mais aussi al., 2008) contains circumstances produced from the fresh new attachment principle and you can concentrates on this new user’s need to maintain proximity in order to pet and his or their feeling of your relationship due to the fact emotionally supportive and shared. It provides 15 products that is ranked to your a size from step 1 to help you cuatro, except for items # 3 where True was scored cuatro and never real are obtained 1. The number is thus 15-60. Members which own multiple creature had been expected to decide responses according to the animals it noticed nearest to. In the present analysis the fresh coefficient to own inner consistency are .85 (Cronbach’s leader).

Brand new Differential Loneliness Size (DLS; Schmidt Sermat, 1983) can be used determine this new thoughts of starvation and frustration that have particular personal matchmaking. It’s divided into four bills according to style of relationship: household members, like, family, and you may area. It contains 60 things regarding the exposure of a relationship, approximation or prevention, cooperation or perhaps the degree of help, regard, and you may telecommunications. The overall level sugar daddy meet free Albuquerque NM enjoys a premier Kuder-Richardson Formula 20 inner surface (a lot more than .89), with subscale quotes more than .70 (Schmidt Sermat, 1983).

Market information about users (sex, decades, traditions place, and you will relationship condition), pet advice, and you can period of possession was in fact in addition to put into the above mentioned questionnaires.


Programming language PHP and you may MYSQL databases government possibilities were utilized having creating and you will posting the newest forms and you will instantly event research inside the on the internet setting, out of . The new selected surveys were blogged into the multiple Slovenian websites message boards, mostly those individuals meant for animal people. I including contacted the fresh new Feline pub Ljubljana so you’re able to give the latest questionnaire so you’re able to their professionals. Totally done surveys was basically needed for delivering the individual’s answers. There were little time restrictions.

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